robocopy "source" "destination" /e /zb /copy:DATSOU /MIR /r:3 /w:3 /log:c:\ROBOCOPY-Logs\Last-Copy\FOLDER.log /V /NP

  • /E copy subdirectories recursively, (including empty ones.)
  • /ZB use ‘restartable’ mode, and if this fails use ‘backup’ mode.
  • /copy:DATSOU Copy Data, Attributes, Time Stamps, Security, Owner, aUditing information
  • /R:3 Retry three times, if you don’t specify this, it will retry constantly
  • /W:3 Wait time between the retries above.
  • /log Will output the log to the folder we created above.
  • /V Produce output in verbose (detailed) mode.
  • /NP Do not show percentage progress
  • /MIR mirroring a directory tree with all subfolders