PHP register_globals problem on Drupal 7 installation

If your Drupal reports shows PHP register globals on it means your site might be unsecure. Tho fix this problem you might want to create a custom php.ini file in your root folde with the following code:

register_globals = off

Another method is to modify the .htaccess file. But you should be aware that register_globals has been removed since php 5.4, and in php 5.3 it is already deprecated, though can be used. You might want to go to your cpanel (or other configuration tool) and access Select PHP Version link. Swith to PHP version higher than 5.3.

Drupal update from 7.22 to 7.23 - Internal Server Error 500

Drupal usual uptade procedure:

  1. Backup your current site.
  2. Switch your site to the maintenance mode.
  3. Download and unzip the new Drupal core.
  4. Remove the old Drupal files except /sites on the web server
  5. Upload new version without /sites
  6. If needed apply changes to the settings.php in /sites/default and edit sites specific entries (e.g. uname, pass, db, host)

If after the uploading new files you run into 500 internal server error you need to read this:

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