Ubuntu 12.04 resetting root access

  • Reboot
  • hold SHIFT
  • select your inage on Grub menu
  • press "e" to edit
  • in the line starting with "linux" add int=/bin/bash to the very end
  • ctrl+x to reboot
  • your system will boot to passwordless root shell
  • mount -o remount,rw / (make your partition writable)
  • some people do: chmod 640 /etc/shadow file other just copy: cp /etc/shadow- /etc/shadow to eliminate it from th game
  • analyze what you have by: less /etc/passwd
  • determine what needs to be changed by: passwd USER

Ubuntu accessible from Windows network by a hostname


  • Ubuntu server installed as a virtual machine and connected via bridged network adapter to a network
  • pinging and services are accessible from Windows machines only by IP address, no name resolving, no DNS server on duty, just NetBIOS names
  • can't ping Windows hosts from Ubuntu by their host names either


  • on Ubuntu server: sudo apt-get install samba (then you can ping and access services on Ubuntu from Windows hosts by a hostname)
  • to be able to ping Widows hosts from Ubuntu you need t
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